Before bidding, I’d like to tell you a little about our company. We’ve been in the food business for over 20 years, and we’ve doing the school breakfast and lunch programs for 10 years. 

We primarily cater to Charter schools, and in doing so, we go the extra mile to make certain that the kids enjoy what they are eating. At the same time, we provide the adequate daily nutritional requirements as suggested by the T.E.A. guidelines, but with a little something extra!

Our daily logs and production sheets are documented correctly and turned in daily with a breakdown of that day’s menu, nutritional value, usage of product, and matching the menu calendar that is prepared at the beginning of each month. 

We actively participate in the Commodities program, and because we are chefs and cooks, we try to use as much fresh produce as possible, so most of our meals will not be prepackaged. We love to cook!

For example, if given fresh beef and tomato sauce, that translates into lasagna, meatloaf, chili-mac, beefy nachos, chili-cheese dogs, beef tacos, beef stroganoff, spaghetti with meat sauce, sloppy joes, beefy enchiladas, shepherd’s pie, meatballs in bar-b-que sauce, ziti, beef pot pie, beef stew, beef quesadillas, just to name a few. Our food is good!

If given a #10 can of peaches, that translates into chilled fruit, peach crisp, peach cobbler, peach topped coffee cake, peach bread pudding. We always go the extra mile, and everything is always negotiable!

As mentioned earlier, we cater primarily to Charter Schools, and our mission is to grow along with your school. Not just for a year, but ongoing, because we are giving your students the very best of food and service.

Included in this package are some photos of some of our dishes with a production sheet break-down attached. 

Food Masters is continuously updating their information for the Charter School Breakfast and Lunch program by attending T.E.A. classes whenever possible. The last class attended was on July 25th, 2007 where Ms. Regina Abernathy conducted the class. 

Thank you so much for considering our company, and if you have any questions about anything, please call me!

Chef Toni Watts
Executive Chef/Director

Our Mission Statement:

• To increase the number of students eating breakfast and lunch in the cafeteria.

• To be unique in our menu selections, to therefore, peek the curiosity of the students.

• To follow all USDA and TEA policies and procedures for the National School Breakfast and Lunch program.

• To meet all city and state sanitation codes.

• To make sure food is packed correctly, getting to the site and once at the site, making sure that all hot foods stay hot and all cold foods      stay cold.

• To be at the site and/or have the food delivered at least 20 minutes before serving time.

• To maintain production sheets.

• To provide a steam table and/or refrigeration, if needed.

• To work with the school in ordering commodities.

• To provide weekly menus.

• To display a Certified Food Managers State License at main site.

• Milk and juice delivery will be discussed and agreed upon.

• To make lunch the favorite class again.

An official contract will be presented upon request.   We know what we can do for you school, we just need you to let us do it!

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